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Western Word Problem

Processed with Rookie Cam
Processed with Rookie Cam

This is my very first Daily Create.

I remembered this photo I took in an Arizona ghost town back in 2011.  The picture itself creates some weird mathematical paradoxes.  It’s like taking a moment back in time somehow in this instant where the two forms seem in unison with their opposite stances. Isn’t it somehow mathematical to capture a particular moment in time that tells a story when maybe no other moment would?

Then there is the living versus cardboard dimension.  How does this duality equate a surrealism that the same photo of a living modern cowboy wouldn’t?  Maybe it’s just the perfect formula to tell a tale of a living horse and a cardboard replica.  This cardboard figure resembling the real ghosts of this town. Was the wild west really won or is it lost to us forever?

So no.  My word problem does not have a mathematical answer.  It’s more of a poem with mathematical nuance.


Daily Create assignment:

#tdc1511 Use your best instructional design skills to create a western math word problem.



Selfie Hello

I’ll start this blog by presenting my image through some selfies.  Like the rest of modern culture, from my first encounter with a decent smart phone camera, I started taking selfies. I’ve found self portrait art intriguing ever since seeing a Frida Kahlo exhibit in Chicago.

I wish I could paint like her.



For now my iPhone and photo apps will have to do.



It often feels like there’s a mist surrounding me that’s more powerful then my conceptual world view.  If I look intently through the fog, will I see the other side?



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